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“A couple got into a fight on New Years’ Eve,” an NYC bartender says.

“The guy yelled over and over, ‘You WILL respect me,’ while pounding on the table with his fists.” “There’s a couple that met on a Tinder date where I work and now they come to our bar regularly,” says a bartender at a craft beer shop in Durham, North Carolina.

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Ladies, we’re sure you’d agree that dating isn’t an easy feat and the more you think it over and analyze it, the more complicated and scary it becomes!

“In New York, that’s a given.” Alcohol can bring out the most cynical parts of us, but you should rein it in on a date. ’ He gave me a weird look and said that he hadn’t been in for a long time.

Most relationships nowadays are no longer just limited to the usual way dates are planned.We sat down with Jeney to sort through this massive problem, and to get some practical advice on how to find love in the modern age.Below, learn why authenticity is so critical to dating, and how a milkshake could help you find your next bae.So, to make dating less intimidating and obscure, we asked a group of guys for their top piece of advice they’d like to give to ladies in the dating world, so be sure to take notes because we’ve got all your dating doubts covered!to find out what men actually want and expect when dating? 'Ladies, when dating be sure not to go overboard when it comes to ordering alcohol.

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