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Deţinătoare a doua Globuri de Aur si un premiu Emmy, Jane joacă în comedia romantică "Love by Design", în regia lui Michael Damian, pe care românii îl ştiu din serialul "Tânăr şi neliniştit".

Filmul, care mai include şi alte nume sonore din cinematografia internaţională, va fi lansat pe plan mondial în 2014.

At one point the actor bounced too high and the "child" flew out of the carrier and landed heavily on the ground. "I tried to stop him from jumping, but nothing worked," said the woman, who refused to give her name.

"The sound of the baby is still ringing in my head.

In 1973 devine fata Bond, in filmul "Live and Let Die", mai apare in serialul "The Odine Line", in 1973, si tot in acelas an apare in seria " Frankestern: The True Story". In 2004 are o aparitie in serialul "Law & Order: Special Victims unit" precum si in 2005 in serialul "Smallville", si tot in 2005 apare in filmul pe mariile ecrane "Wedding Crashers", Jane urmeaza o serie de roluri in filme cat si seriale de televiziune.

What a Lovely War" şi în 1970 în rolul lui Lilian Stein, primul ei rol major apare în "The Only Way".

"I didn't find it funny at all." Her son, Yves Bosse, a veteran police officer, told QMI Agency that the gag left his mother "as white as a sheet" and that she had the shakes as well as headaches and nausea.

"My mother has heart problems, she wears a pacemaker," said Bosse.

Even if not blessed with the chiseled looks of a Greek god, actors know a thing or two about physical presence.

Thus they carry themselves well and know makeup tricks that play up the best part of their appearance.

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