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If you had told me a couple of months ago that I’d be wearing cropped flares (and not hating them), I would have laughed…in yo face. shoes: Converse Chuck Taylors – always a favorite for me. bag: Sole Society Bridgette Satchel – a solid bag, with enough room for baby and mom things. No, but really…I may even be thinking of wearing them again.

I also considered trying these Articles of Society Crop Flare Jeans. Nordstrom Rack has them in Oyster Grey right now for .97.

Kate Andrews, also a newcomer, has begun working at the factory after running away from her abusive father; she is reluctantly taken under the wing of Betty Mc Rae, the factory's best worker.

Blue Shift floor matron, Lorna Corbett, clashes with Marco Moretti, an Italian-born worker at the factory.

The girls on the Blue Shift line are blamed for the accident, which results in Gladys attempting to get the girls to stand up for themselves.

Vera, recovering in the hospital, grows depressed about the condition her injury has left her in.

A North Carolina boy is making full use of his hands thanks to 3-D printed prosthetics courtesy of two South Carolina middle school students.

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Charlotte Hawkins-Brown was an educator and activist who started a school for black students in the South.

On Wednesday night, local advocates spoke out about sex trafficking in the city. A simple Google search for It Works Spa shows racy photos tempting a visit.

CMPD shut the place down after investigating multiple reports of not only prostitution, but human trafficking.

Her inquiries eventually led her to Chris Craft, a teacher at Crossroads Intermediate School in Irmo,who is helping kids learn to 3D print.“Cam and I were invited to come to his class to meet the girls who came up with this idea to start a ‘hand challenge’ to get people into printing and donating hands to people that can't afford them.”The girls have started a Facebook page about their Hand Challenge.

The girls are making, packing and shipping 3D printed hands to people who need them all over the globe and are calling on schools across the US to help by accepting the challenge, Haight said.“They’re amazing kids,” Haight said of the girls.

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