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These are some of the most common questions that I get from other parents about Minecraft.He, Varys, Daenerys, Grey Worm, and Missandei are in the Map Room, looking like a bunch of evil geniuses. At Winterfell, the courtyard is once again being used for combat practice below and strategizing above. Guests include the better Greyjoys, Yara and Theon, and the whole Dorne contingent—Ellaria Sand, some Sand Snakes, and dear old Olenna Tyrell. Dragonstone is quite something: cavelike walls, torch sconces, ghastly, eye-socket-like windows overlooking the dark seas. “I can’t speak to prophecies or visions in the flames, but I like Jon Snow, and I trusted him. They talk about transparency, trust, and the nature of government. She tries to butter up Dany with the “I used to be a slave” routine, then starts talking about the Lord of Light’s prophecies about who will bring the dawn (ugh again) and then moves on to Jon Snow. Dany tells Varys to promise that if he wants to criticize her, he should do it to her face, not behind her back.

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