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The beginning of every relationship is really just a trial period when you think about it.You're testing out the waters and really seeing if the things you want are compatible with the things they want.Your partner may be the light of your life, but that doesn't necessarily mean your relationship is healthy.Understanding what constitutes healthy relationships can help you make changes that lead to new heights of intimacy, happiness and fulfillment.

No relationship is perfect, but there are several standard elements that should exist in all healthy relationships.

Trust means more than keeping secrets and being faithful.

When you trust your partner, you feel a sense of safety and security in the relationship.

“But you have to trust yourself to ask questions about things that make you feel uncomfortable.” “In the first blush of romance, people overlook a lot of stuff because they’re so excited,” says clinical psychologist Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed D.

But after a month or so, that’s when it’s time to look closer.

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