Help updating steam

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If you have played more than 500 matches with any single hero since the last time you had your stats enabled, we may not be able to get them.This typically happens if you AFK or disconnect for more than 5 minutes, resulting in an abandon.This first wave is just the beginning and we’re excited to see where this will lead.Let us know what you think in the discussion boards.If a game launch is cancelled or interrupted, it is possible that your computer will be missing programs or services that the game needs to run.

We understand that this is frustrating, but it helps discourage players from leaving matches.You can also visit our Bugs Database to see what issues are known about and what has been fixed but not in the current releases etc.When using Beta or Early Access we advise you treat it with a bit more caution and recommend saving more frequently or using SVN etc.Dotabuff can only get your match data if you have the "Expose Public Match Data" setting enabled in the Dota 2 game client.If this setting is currently disabled, or was disabled in the past, then it's likely that we don't have all of your match data.

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