Internet dating services in australia

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Two-pin European and North American, as well as three-pin Australian style plugs are generally supported.

Recession, Australian economic down turn, credit crunch, failing stock market, global credit crunch, shares, market slide, US recession, falling share market, Australian share market crash - wherever you look you cannot escape from the economists, the talk on the streets and the news on every front page of the newspaper. And how does it affect the online dating industry and singles in Australia?

The Australian Recession is part of the worldwide Recession.

Throughout a recession, people do not like to part with their available cash, and are cautious about spending and avoid spending in case they need their money later.

The very poor however, although finding life a little harder, will weather a recession, in relative terms, better as they spend their weekly pay and can just stop buying items they cant afford as opposed to the wealthy who are tied to these objects by finance or mortgage agreements. Of course it is hard to tell given so many economic factors come into play.

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