Kerala sexy works

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He is a member of the Nationalist Congress Party National Council, and represents Elathur Assembly constituency in Kozhikode district.

Even minutes before this interaction on his passion for standup comedy, George Vivian Paul was busy thinking of funny things he wanted to talk about during his show in the evening.

An engineer-turned-standup comedian – where did it all start for him?

After having worked for a little over two years across construction companies in various cities across the country as a civil engineer for a period of a little over two years, Paul stopped getting “excited” about his full-time job.

He admitted to sexually abusing the cadavers of three women between 19, two of which were murder victims, and disclosed in a deposition that he had had sex with up to 100 corpses over a period of 16 years.“I would just get on top of them and pull my pants down,” he is seen telling the court in a deposition video obtained by WCPO.

From keeping track of daily news updates to peppering them with jokes to make his audience smile and eventually laugh, Paul’s mind is constantly ticking like a clock, working out ways to entertain people.

Saseendran announced his resignation a few hours after Mangalam TV aired the clip.

The county now faces a Federal lawsuit and huge legal bills after a panel cited evidence that Douglas’s supervisors knew he was getting drunk and having sex with corpses while on the job.“If I hadn’t had anything to drink when I went into work, it wouldn’t happen,” he said in his deposition.

At first, colour your earthen pot with your choice of enamel paint.

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