Rules for successful dating

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Any guy who is successful with women follows the same basic pattern of behavior.

These patterns of behavior that ultimately lead to success in love form dating rules for men.

that’s a whole lot of information to unleash on someone so soon!

When you’re communicating with a new match, try and avoid the temptation to share social media profiles before you’ve gone on at least one or two dates with them.

'Find out about their interests, passions, hobbies, how they take their tea, how they grew up and their favourite memories.'Madeleine also advises making the questions quirky.

She advises asking: What is your favourite childhood cartoon character and why?

), but it gives the impression that you have nothing to hide; confidence is always attractive.

Women love a man who looks clean and tidy, just like you can't miss a beautiful girl entering a room.

The same product, packed differently, will show dissimilar results if sold in a store.

By Anastasia Amour The rules of dating have changed.

Unlike the pre-digital age when the biggest worry was whether a date would call or not, we now have to worry about what dirty laundry our prospective partners will uncover when they inevitably do some digital sleuthing into our online lives.

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