Speed dating language learning

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Much like speed dating, we used "speed friending" as a way to break the ice with our Conversation Partner program at our matching event.

We set up the room with tables in the center of the room and chairs all around.

This year, the program — which was founded in 2011 by educator Mary Leighton, who now leads the independent Language Partners B. — even offered an even-faster “speed dating” option for faster language pairing.

Featuring a free Syrian dinner, Tandem UBC’s workshop on Intercultural and Interlingual Learning and Language Exchange will be held Tuesday from 5 to 7 p.m.

It pairs up speakers of multiple languages using an online algorithm based on what students can teach, and what language they hope to learn.

It’s a similar except to speed dating, but people are there to practice their English or Spanish (though no one’s stopping you to treat it like speed dating).

As students came in (regardless of if they were foreign or native), we had them seated and eating snacks.

Once everyone arrived, we explained the "speed friending" rules and we used a timer to keep each of the conversations to a certain amount of time.

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