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Hidden lives With their secret lifestyles, these three young people from Cairo's liberal, intellectual elite are pushing at the limits set by a society dominated by traditional views.Even among educated urbanites, the concept of an unmarried mother simply does not exist.” Here are some of the replies, with the correspondent’s Native affiliation (and where he or she is living now).Laguna–Acoma Pueblo (New Mexico): “My Chacoan and Mesa Verde ancestors were astronomers. The bride avoids addressing her parents-in-law directly, avoids looking them directly in the face and even when referring to them she uses a particular vocabulary.As a stranger in her husband's family it often takes years before she is fully incorporated."I don't have the courage to shake their beliefs - especially my father's," he says.Niveen, 24, has been seeing her boyfriend for four months.

They told me to pray with cornmeal, respect the silence, and accept the transformation coming.” Cherokee (Oklahoma): “Cherokee say it is a giant frog in the sky trying to eat the sun.

If you're doing dry January and looking for a way to distract yourself, you'll be pleased to know that the small screen is packed with hot new shows.

Hollywood royalty - including Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy and Shailene Woodley - are all taking starring roles in some of the most hotly-anticipated television shows for 2017.

Spending the night together is difficult as both live at home with their families.

Even going to a hotel means checking into different rooms and sneaking between them.

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